«Mujeres en la política» (Revista Mujer Ejecutiva)

«Mujeres en la política» entrevista realizada por la revista especializada Mujer Ejecutiva, 2013 Mujeres en la política (Mujer Ejecutiva) en PDF

Women Business Owners in Mexico: An Emerging Economic Force (UNAM, 1998)

The growth of women´s entrepreneurship is a phenomenon that is gaining increasing attention around the world. From government reports and other sources, it is estimated that between one-quarter and one-third of the world businesses are owned and operated by women. These firms are in a variety of industries, range in size from the very small to multinational … Seguir leyendo

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Women’s Leadership and Glass Cealing Barriers in Brazil and Mexico

Ficha bibliográfica: “Women’s Leadership and Glass Cealing Barriers in Brazil and Mexico” (en coautoría con Sonia De Avelar), en Women’s Leadership in a changing World, Brasileiro Ana María (ed.), New York, UNIFEM-ONU, 1996, pp. 31-43. DESCARGAR EN FORMATO PDF: Women’s leadership