Trends in women’s participation in Mexican businesses

Ficha bibliográfica: “Trends in women´s participation in Mexican businesses”, en The International Journal for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Special Issue on Women’s Entrepreneurship, United Kingdom, 2002, pp. 121-131. This article presents the result of research on the importance of the women entrepeneurs in Mexico related to the rates of females in the workforce, compare with the … Seguir leyendo

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Women’s Leadership and Glass Cealing Barriers in Brazil and Mexico

Ficha bibliográfica: “Women’s Leadership and Glass Cealing Barriers in Brazil and Mexico” (en coautoría con Sonia De Avelar), en Women’s Leadership in a changing World, Brasileiro Ana María (ed.), New York, UNIFEM-ONU, 1996, pp. 31-43. DESCARGAR EN FORMATO PDF: Women’s leadership