Mexico: Sociology before Sociologists – Developments up to the 1950’s

Ficha Bibiográfica: “Mexico: Sociology Before Sociologists-Developments up to the 1950’s”, en Sociology: History, Theory, and Practice, Vol. 8, Kultygin Vladimir (ed.), Moscow-Glasgow, Institute of Socio-Political Research Russian Academy of Sciences, 2007, pp. 197-219.

This paper addresses the development of sociology in Mexico during a period when degree programs in sociology had not yet been created in the country. University degrees in Sociology were first granted in the 1950’s, however, despite tbe delayed emergence of trained sociologists, our discipline had held an important place in Mexico’s inte1lectual and politicallife since the 19th century.

TO READ MORE CLICK HERE: Mexico: Sociology before Sociologists- Developments up to the 1950´s

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