The Historical Development of Sociology in Mexico

Ficha bibliográfica: “The Historical Development of Sociology in Mexico”, en Sociology, History, Theory and Practice Vol 7, Kultygin Vladimir (ed.), Moscow-Glasgow, Institute of Socio-Political Research Russian Academy of Sciences, 2005.

The paper examines the successíve stages of Sociology in Mexico and its stance in relation to the lines of thought prevailing in different periods of the nation’ s- history. Some of the specific topics are the following: Sociology’s relationship to Liberalism, Porfirism and Positivism; the reaction against Positivism and the institutionalization of the post-revolutionary.regime; the consolidation of institutions and the establishment of social sciences research and teaching centres;  the founding of publishing houses and academic journals; the importance of the foreign intellectuals that migrated into the country; the influence of Marxism and critical sociology; theoretical pluralismand the topics of most concern to Sociology today.

FOR A .PDF VERSION OF THE PAPER CLICK HERE: The Historical Development of Sociology in Mexico

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